elena tchernomazova

In 2001 I started to take art classes at Montgomery College because I wanted to study fine arts and to attain a second degree ( I already have a masterís degree in physics that I got in Russia). I took a lot of art classes (painting, printmaking, ceramics), and every new area made me learn and study more and immerse myself deeper, so that right now I canít imagine my life without art.

I have been practicing sculptural ceramics for the past 6 years. A lot of my inspiration comes from various Eurasian mythological traditions such as the art of Medieval Europe, Ancient Greece and Rome, Middle East, India and China. My clay works are hand-built, made of white stoneware, and are generally nonfunctional even though they look like vessels. Depending on what I am working on, my series tend to be combinations of the human face/figure with such things as architectural elements, musical instruments, animals (both mythological and real), concepts, etc.

Elena Tchernomazova
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